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Notes on Vampires - Morbid Li'l World
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Subject:Notes on Vampires
Time:11:48 pm
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Possibly taken from Jonathan Harker's personal notes, though at this time their origin is somewhat unclear ((In other words, I can't decide if this sounds like Harker or not.)) They could have also somehow been stolen from Dr. John Sewerd. I have no bleeding idea, as Christian refuses to tell me where he got them. My ((Casandra's)) additions are in italics.

They start off fairly disorganized. Was Jon-Jon just brainstorming for an I.C.O.V.H. handbook? I think so, even though Alex is being annoying and disagrees.

Vampire Facts:

· Humans can become vampires in two ways: through exchange of blood with a vampire, or through use of magic
· Vampires need to consume a certain amount of blood on a nightly basis for survival. Though animal blood can be substituted in emergency circumstances, it does not provide as much nourishment.
· Vampires do not need to kill humans in order to survive, but many choose to do so to increase their own power. This fact makes them even more evil, as consciously choosing to do wrong is worse than doing wrong out of necessity.
· Vampires cannot die of natural causes.
· They are, however, susceptible to several different methods of disposal, all of them violent. I will list them in the latter part of this document.
· Several objects and/or substances weaken vampires, also to be listed in the latter part of this document.
· Becoming a vampire enhances several characteristics, including physical strength and psychic ability (ex. Mina). The senses such as sight and smell are also enhanced.
· Contrary to popular belief, vampires do cast a reflection in mirrors and other reflective surfaces. The idea that any being could exist without casting a reflection and shadow undetected is preposterous.
· Also contrary to popular belief, there is no (for lack of a better word) living vampire powerful enough to change his or her shape that we know of. It is unclear whether or not vampires were ever capable of this, or if it is simply legend. As far as I know, it's entirely possible, but none of us (not even Luke) can manage it. We just aren't powerful enough.

From this point on, the author gets into a rather dry but better-organized (and very instructional-sounding) bit. This suggests it was all originally penned by Harker as a manual. Also, it's not nearly clinical enough to be Sewerd.

Recognizing Vampires
Physical Signs:

The most important physical trait is the teeth. Upper and lower cuspids are sharper than normal, and upper cuspids are slightly longer than normal, not noticeably so without close inspection.

Next in importance are the eyes. They commonly (but not always) are odd colours, including amber and even red. They are very sensitive to light, necessitating any vampire wishing to go about in daylight to wear dark glasses. Note: DO NOT EVER LOOK A VAMPIRE DIRECTLY IN THE EYES! Many can use their psychic ability to control the minds of humans and seem to find it easier to do so if eye contact is established.

The skin of a vampire is pale and burns easily when exposed to sunlight. Many vampires avoid direct sunlight for this reason, while a few utilize sun block, SPF 45 or greater.

Vampires are injured or weakened by symbols of Christianity and the garlic plant in addition to sunlight. For this reason, they avoid objects such as crosses at almost any cost. Anyone whose avoidance of these things appears to be abnormal (claiming to be allergic to garlic, etc.) is suspect, requiring further investigation.

The majority (though not all) of vampires revel in the dramatic and mysterious. They enjoy being legendary figures, and many like to enlist humans as servants (ex. Thomas Renfield, though recent research has uncovered that Dracula did not know about the power related to the Renfield bloodline at the time of recruitment). This has become increasingly common since the beginning of “the gothic movement” as many self-styled “goths” have a great interest in - and occasionally even worship for – vampires. This part was obviously written fairly recently. I want to say 1980s, but I really can't imagine either of our possible writers having picked up on this any earlier than, oh, 1997...

Vampires will never be seen consuming solid food. Their digestive systems seem to only be capable of processing liquids, and solid food would make them violently ill. Many drink substances besides blood, however, and it is said that a few even enjoy wine. Christian found this bit especially amusing. If I didn't know better I'd have thought he was drunk when he gave it to me.

Weaknesses and Disposal:
The main weaknesses of vampires, as previously mentioned, are garlic and symbols of the Christian faith. Crosses and the like, when brought into contact with vampiric flesh, will burn as if it was heated. I myself have seen a crucifix inflict 3rd degree burns on a vampire when brought into contact with her skin for an extended period. This bit here is the only thing that makes me think Sewerd is the author, as it implies that whoever did write it was there for Van Helsing's (completely uneccesary) "experiments" in the 1970s and 80s. Also, I'm somewhat disturbed by the complete lack of feeling shown in the writing. I'm pretty sure it refers to poor Honoria, who ended up dead. Bastards.

The plant garlic (both the bulbs and the flowers) also weakens vampires, though in a different fashion. A vampire’s reaction to garlic is similar to that of a human exposed to certain toxic fumes. It usually involves nausea, vomiting, sweating, faintness, and shaking. Note: the I.C.O.V.H. doesn’t rely upon garlic very often, as a vomiting vampire is not a pleasant sight.

Vampires can be killed in a variety of ways, the most common being impaling with a wooden stake through the heart. Decapitation and burning also work. It should be noted, however, that no matter which method is used, if the remains are not properly treated (ashes scattered, etc.) that the dead vampire can be revived through methods currently unknown to us. And it's going to bloody well stay that way.

After this, there were some brief profiles of "known dangerous vampires." Maybe I'll type that up later, if I can stop laughing long enough to read all the way through it.

((mourningdove suggested that I post anything I could think of that seemed relevant, and this has been rattling around on my computer for ages. Please comment and tell me what's complete crap and what should stay. Getting the basic "rules of vampirism" worked out would be a very good thing.))
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Notes on Vampires - Morbid Li'l World
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